Moeka Kurihara – Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Lads, we’ve got to be honest. We had the damndest time understanding Moeka’s email. This babe barely speaks any English and there’s nobody in the Nasty offices who speaks Japanese. We all speak the international language of cum-hole, though. Online translators saved our asses, also. “Hello Naughty people,” that babe wrote to us. “We tried to share our fotos with similar magazines in Japan, but we don’t urge recognition. So we decided to share with USA! This makes us very amorous!”

“We love people looking at our pix. It’s not proper in our culture to have sex in public, but we cannot aid ourselves. My spouse has influence in his business, so we cannot share or have sex with a third person in our city, so we journey to Tokyo for gangbang. I love being the nasty doxy with two guys having turns on me. My fantasy is to have a facial cumshots party some day, and my spouse wishes to help my dreams. In exchange, he acquires many two-girl oral-stimulation when we journey to Tokyo. It is enjoyment to share!”

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