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Our scene widens with The Bulls taking on a recent job! They’re adding "picker" to their "porn star" job. U know pickers? They scour garage and estate sales, flea markets and trash cans, looking for treasures they can resell on the internet! They’ve identified a "honey hole", a house with so many uncommon things, it’ll make their month! What they stumble upon is something so rare and so marvelous, The Bulls can’t make no doubt of their eyes! A robot soft life-like and real it’s not quite surreal!! And once they squeeze a tit, the dish comes alive! "I’m Monica! I’m 19 years old and I’m from Kazakhstan!" Turns out Monica doesn’t do the dishes, your laundry…or cook your food. She is a "Pleasure Model", which means merely one thing: Monica’s face hole, muff and a-hole are wide open! The Bulls run their train, using (and abusing) all of Monica’s holes until they dump all over her! The solely bad thing about this day? The owner isn’t willing to part with his "Pleasure Bot!"
Monica Sage Monica Sage
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