Nikki Diamond – Why It’s Good To Be Short

Why It’s Priceless To Be Short

Why It's Worthy To Be Short

Some might say it is not so great to be short, but if you are with a taller super-busty gal (adore big, belting blond Nikki Diamond here), it is a different story. They can give u shelter when it rains if u stand below them and your mouth is in direct line with their nipples. Her short bonk ally in this scene loved to pile-drive girls with greater than typical fuckin’ milk shakes.

“I grew up in Los Gatos, near San Jose, California, a little surfer babe,” says not-so-little 40FF-bra-snapper Nikki Diamond who was even taller than her 5’8″ height because she always used to wear stripper’s platform heels. “I was a Miss Texas at 8teen. Boys were always hitting on me but I was more interested in horses and cheerleading.

“I was a house goddess at the Men’s Exotic dancing club in Houston, Texas when an agent convinced me to become a feature dancer. I love to flaunt my body to studs and I’ve a precious time doing it.”

It took a ages to receive Nikki to shag and engulf a charmer in a movie. She’d done plenty of girl-girls (her toy fests with Dawn Stone and Tanya Danielle are epic lesbi moments at SCORE) but not on-camera cock.

Nikki won a slew of dancer rewards in 1999 and 2000. She met a SCORE photographer and decided that SCORE was the mag for her.

Final we knew, Nikki was still living in Recent Orleans. SCORE hasn’t heard from her in a lengthy time. That babe not at any time went to Los Angeles and discharged porn. That babe had the aptitude for it, but then anew, lots of large boob adult models, such as Tanya Danielle, don’t do boy-girl porn. Maybe Nikki got married and settled down. It’s gonna happen sooner or later. A wife love Nikki at home would be a lot of pleasure each night, especially if you are short.

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