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Nina Elle Nina Elle
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There’s smth extraordinarily hawt when one more woman chaser is rogering her out in front of your very eyes. Especially when that woman chaser is a dark fellow with a schlong twice as big as yours. It is so hawt, in fact, some couples go to remarkable measures to make it happen. Take Nina and her hubby Anthony. They’re an open-minded couple who adore this type of activity, and they love to "set up" the Bull. For example, they’ll call for a repair gent to come fix a broken water line in the dom bath…but there’s no broken water line. There is, however, one hot and excited wife sitting in a tub ready to entice the Bull. And Spouse isn’t far behind, willing to view it all go down as well as award Nina for a job well done. Gulp it all, honey!
Nina Elle Nina Elle

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