Not Your Typical Teen

Not Your Commonplace Teen

Not Your Archetypal Teen

“I bald my cookie this day.”

That’s what Aaliyah Snow told in the dressing room before she went off to do this movie scene. Cunt? This is always helpful information in understanding the mind of the nubile female.

What’s Aaliyah intend to do today?

“I am intend to masturbate,” Eighteen year-old Aaliyah says with a teasing look on her lips and in her eyes. “I like masturbating, so why not do it on camera?”

Indeed, why not? What a great attitude. All beauties should think like Aaliyah! And it is her first time.

“I masturbate every evening. I am amorous like a chap.”

Everyday teen. She loves intend to the mall, the beach, going to disrobe…clubs…wait up…going to disrobe clubs? Sure, don’t all teens who work at the drive-thru go to exotic dancing clubs and hang out with the dancers? And check out porn. Yep, Aaliyah does that, too. This youthful mistress is unbelievably well-rounded. She knows what this babe wishes without life and is wise beyond her years. And this babe shaves her slit every day.

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