Private Lap Grinder

Intimate Lap Grinder

Private Lap Grinder

Alyssa Lynn‘s dancing background and how fit she’s jack up the heat levels to five alarms in this fantasy shag scene, “Private Lap Grinder.” Her hot, supple legs are in great shape. Alyssa and her larger than run of the mill milk cans bounce subrigid and fast on Tony Rubino’s pole when that babe mounts and pumps him in a reverse cowgirl while still keeping her balance with her skyscraper heels on. Many angels take their fuck-me shoes off for reverse gal.

Now living in Los Angeles, Alyssa spoken about dancing and stripping. A nurse by profession back home in Philadelphia, Alyssa’s touch is therapeutic.

SCORE: What are some of your beloved dream costumes and heels?

Alyssa: I’ve two that I adore, a nurse and a pimp outfit.

SCORE: Where do you buy your costumes?

Alyssa: Either online at or I take a ride down to Hollywood Boulevard.

SCORE: U were in nursing school when u first began dancing at Club Risque in Philly. Do u do a fantasy nurse show?

Alyssa: I was indeed already a nurse when I worked at Lap dancing club Risque. I was working part-time, as what we call a “pool nurse,” and lap dancing. I did my 1st fantasy nurse show at Centerfolds.

SCORE: Describe an Alyssa Lynn dance on stage. Do you do plenty of pole moves?

Alyssa: It’s lots of eye contact! Smiles. Slow and hawt funbags in your face. The pole is not necessary. I do some pole tricks but I’d rather interact with the crowd.

SCORE: What is the superlatively admirable way for a gal to formally learn to disrobe? Are there any episodes, classes or books this babe can read?

Alyssa: They have classes that are very popular now. A angel can always put a pole up in her house. I have one.

SCORE: Do you dance fully in nature’s garb or topless? Which do you prefer?

Alyssa: Just topless. Got to keep smth to the imagination. On stage, no choice.

SCORE: How do u react if a dude loses his load during your gogo dance?

Alyssa: I try not to unveil a reaction. It happens. They usually run out in any case.

SCORE: Has anyone recognized you from SCORELAND or SCORE magazine?

Alyssa: Not exactly but I met numerous fans at AVN Expo who detected me through SCORELAND so that was glamorous cool. Thanks, SCORELAND!

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