Raven Redmond – Randy Raven

Excited Raven

Randy Raven

Occupation: Waitress
Lives: Flint, Michigan
Age: Eighteen
Born: March Twenty nine
Ht: 5’6″
Wt: 130 pounds
Bras: 32D
Panties: I would rather not wear ’em
Anal: Licking when I’m amorous
BJs: I always swallow
Masturbate: Daily

“To tell u boyz the truth, I was bullied a lot in high school,” the gracious Raven said us. “It was a truly tough time for me. I suppose the other gals were jealous of my body, so I tried to hide it behind conservative clothes. I didn’t desire to draw any attention to myself. Then, shortly after graduation, I realized that I did not must do that anymore. I urge the world to see how worthy I look. I am tired of hiding my meatballs! They’re bigger than run of the mill, they’re firm, and they’re awesome. I wanna reveal ’em off. So I called u lads and asked if u wanted me to come down to Miami to shoot. Thank u one more time for putting me up and showing me the city. I love the nude beaches!”

“I always drink when I give a oral-stimulation ‘cuz I have no idea how to make spitting look hawt. I mean, I think males like watching porn where girls swish and slurp the spunk, but I would rather just deepthroat and gulp the cum as it comes out.”

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