Revenge Sex For Bambi Blacks

Revenge Sex For Bambi Blacks

Revenge Sex For Bambi Blacks

An ultra-wild Brit porn star kicks off her 1st SCORE hardcore scene with a corker.

Bambi Blacks has a bigger in size than average blow-up with her spouse Jamie when they’re strolling in the park. This babe finds a photo of a hotty on his phone and that babe desires to know who that babe is and why her picture is on his phone. They argue and her partner roughly grabs his phone without her hand. He tells her to leave and go home. Smoldering and sullen, Bambi stands up and walks away, leaving him on the park bench. At this time, it should be celebrated that Bambi is wearing a very low-cut dress and her mammaries look humongous.

This babe passes Kristoff sitting on a bench, his head buried in his phone and this babe makes a decision that revenge sex is the foremost cure for her feelings of anger and betrayal. It’s tit for tat time. This babe sits next to him and starts flirting, her body language sending him provocative signals. This chab does his almost any astonishing not to ogle Bambi’s jutting jugs but this skirt chaser is up for whatsoever games she urges to play.

Taking him by the hand, this babe leads him to her nearby flat. Bambi is going to fuck his brains out, get even with her hubby, acquire some sex cream and receive some orgasms, all at the same time. That babe is a true multi-tasker. When she sees Kristoff’s humongous erection, she dives on it and gives him one of her patented, super-deep throat specials, engulfing his 10-Pounder to the root. This babe shoots a selfie with his shlong in her face hole, then puts aside the phone so her pick-up can eat out and bonk her fur pie on the living room sofa in wham-bam style.

Bambi is one of those sex stars who looks and talks to the digital camera as this babe is getting banged and that adds an extra-horny touch. After Bambi’s bawdy cleft is filled with cum (this babe is Great Britain’s semen pie queen, you know), her spouse bangs on the door, which is the solely thing this buck is intend to group sex today. Bambi has a surprise for him when that babe opens the door. “Payback is a bitch,” Bambi says, the golden-haired bird giving the bird to the digital camera.

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