Roxi Red Makes The Milkman Cometh

Roxi Red Makes The Milkman Cometh

Roxi Red Makes The Milkman Cometh

Superwoman Roxi Red has met all kinds of bucks. Now this babe encounters a man who wishes to watch her dressed in a fetish outfit, and to top that off, he wants Roxi to gulp milk with out a bowl, then dip her illustrious, gigantic fullsome funbags into the double bowl. When this babe lifts her billibongs up, they drip with the creamy ram.

Roxi kneels so the milkman can palm her bosoms. His hands are dwarfed by the sheer size of her heavy hangers. That stud picks up the bowl and pours the remaining milk all over them, then feels them up another time.

Roxi stands up and sits on the ottoman next to the milkman so that babe can receive her teats licked and sucked. Her teats are very sensitive. She’s not at any time met a lad who wasn’t a breast-man coz she converts everybody into a breast-man once they get with her.

No lad alone with Roxi can resist sticking his knob betwixt her heavy marangos. She is one of the world’s greatest natural mammary miracles. The milkman’s meat-stick disappears inside her breast valley. She squeezes her scones together with her forearms to increase the pressure.

Milkman tells Roxi to suck his meat-thermometer. This babe nestles one major breast on his haunch and blows him hands-free. By now, she’s barmy to have a penis in her muff and sits on him, lowering herself on the pole. Who’s the boss now? Roxi will make the milkman cometh. It is impossible to hold back the man milk with Roxi Red.

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