Sandra Star – Wunderbar!



The email came in from a familiar name the crew knew well. Was it actually over four years since a particular voyage to Germany was organized to film her in solos and a bit of ass scenes with a porn ladies man?

The sender was hot playgirl Sandra Star, “Miss Hawt SCORE,” a title she won in the German edition (entitled Sexy SCORE). To recap, none other than German porn star and SCORE Gal Annina was a judge in this contest and she liked this newcomer very much.

“I first noticed her handsome smile!” Annina said. “She has charisma and a great, buxom body. This babe is the entire package. For me, Sandra is Miss Hawt SCORE 2010!”

But slender and big boobed Sandra has recently changed since her 1st shoots. Something’s different about her now. It is not her slim waist. That hasn’t changed much. It is not Sandra’s thighs.

That smth different is what that babe wants to expose the greater than standard boob world. SCORE is just the right place to do that.

Sandra says she now needs much larger bras. Her bustline is 42 inches and depending on the manufacturer, her meatballs may now need a 30K to double K undergarment. There’s a lot of territory to cover.

Writes SCORE editor Dave on the SCORELAND Blog for March 14, 2015, “I loved Sandra in advance of. Blond hair, greater than run of the mill melons, great smile, astonishing shag performer. She’s even more wondrous now. By that, I mean she is a lot bustier. I am probably plan to spend almost all of my time with my recent private stash of Sandra photos and movies.”

Sandra Star: wunderbar!

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