Savannah Stevens – Built For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Savannah Stevens has a body that’s muscled for bikinis so doing the right thing was simple. A sunny day and a swim suit goddess getting bare…what could be better?

Savannah appears in the second clip of SCOREtv season two. That babe talks about her living sex doll scene in “My Living Breasty Doll.” “I gotta be fucked adore a Barbie doll,” Savannah says in her doll-like voice. “He just did what he wanted to me. I was adore his toy. I love to be manhandled. I adore to be grabbed and turned around and put into position. My hair gets all over the place. I like the guy to be in charge. I’m kinda slender so it works. They can acquire me how they urge me. I solely adore it sexually, though. Adore in the bedroom. Not adore mentally.”

What Savannah describes is how two former SCORE Cuties and bosom buddies, Danielle Derek and Alexia Moore, one time told how they love to be handled by boyz.

“I’ve always wanted to try a clit piercing but I’m likewise scared! My fantasy is to be rogered doggie-style during the time that eating out a sexy gal.”

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