SCORE Card – Respect To Kelly Christiansen

Respect To Kelly Christiansen

Respect To Kelly Christiansen

Would u please do me a favour and convey my respects to Kelly Christiansen’s hubby for encouraging his beautiful wife to pose and shag for your cameras? Kelly is indeed one of the greats. And I’m sure that many others will join with me in complimenting her and in likewise expressing their respects to Kelly’s spouse. In the write-ups that accompany your XXX layouts, I’d like to watch a comment or two from the male boyfriend describing the experience. Just a pair of brief opinions about how this beauty compares to other SCORE angels that this gent has drilled? Is that babe incredibly adept orally? Did that babe appear to truly relish the sucking and banging as much as he did? How did her pussy taste? Such comments would help me to have enjoyment the cutie even more intensely than I would with out the comments. I suppose many readers would like to read a competent stud’s opinion of the woman. I hope that they enjoyed Kelly as much as I savour seeing the pictures, and I would enjoy reading their opinions (briefly!) about the experience.-Thank u, R.N.

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