SCORE Card – The Case of the Missing Snatches

The Case of the Missing Slits

The Case of the Missing Cookies

The reason I’m writing this is in response to the letter u published in which the write says that Ashley Sage and Leanne Crow do not belong coz they do not unveil their vaginas, to which I say this ladies man is desirous. Curvacious celebrates big natural scones and I guess we can all accede that Ashley and Leanne definitely fit that category.

I can remember when Nicole Peters (whom I call the high reaching ever) didn’t reveal her love tunnel at 1st. She eventually started to brandish it. Maybe Ashley and Leanne will too but if not, it is no large deal. In my view this chab should have known and should not be upset cuz a model or 2 don’t expose their pussies.-S.S.

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