Sheridan Like – The Sheridan Adore Workout

The Sheridan Like Workout

The Sheridan Adore Workout

The Sheridan Love Workout movie is here. Check out one of your favorite SCORE Covergirls teach beneath the Florida sky. Make sure to work one as well as the other sides of your body or you’ll wind up with one overdeveloped “Popeye” arm. Sheridan doused her undressed bod with a water bottle ‘cuz this baby was getting overheated from her outdoor exercises.

After her workout, Sheridan heads indoors to use the latest in high-tech training equipment. It’s a big toy with a suction cup, not the kind of fitness gear sold on TV. Sheridan’s moves are sexy and amorous, and the standout pont of time could be when that babe sticks it on the mirrored wall and backs into it to go deep. True snatch magic.

“I adore the one and the other long and thick toys but thick is my fav. I love the feeling of my pussy being stretched and full,” says Sheridan (November ’15 SCORE), whose month-long hardcore SCORELAND particular was the result of years of fans begging to see her do the deed.

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