Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Sirale contacted our photographer who’s filmed all of her previous scenes and told him she’s preggy. Four months preggo. Were we interested?

Pregnancy was, and still is, controversial at SCORELAND. Some lads love it. Some boyz do not wish to watch a model in a knocked-up condition. The reasons are varied. Pregnancy is embraced more by the Voluptuous side of SCORELAND. Melissa Mandilova, Micky Bells, Kali West, Casey Deluxe, Katarina Dubrova, Nathaly Cherie and others all rated high in their pregnant scenes.

SCORELAND: What do you adore to do to a boy before sex?

Sirale: I love to do massages with oil and receive some too for myself.

SCORELAND: How would u describe yourself in a not many words?

Sirale: I’m a powerful lady.

SCORELAND: What are your favourite sex memories?

Sirale: Sex on a teach and in a nature setting. I too relish remembering sex in public places.

SCORELAND: How would u spend a lottery win?

Sirale: I would spend it on my family.

SCORELAND: Congratulations, Mother.

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