Sky has no limits

Sky has no limitations

Sky has no limits

Sky Haven may have changed her name (she used to go by Brandi Fox), but that babe is still the wild, fun HORNY HOUSEWIFE she always was. Now Fourty five, Sky is single and taking advantage of it by having plenty of hawt sex.

“I’m always looking for sexy, new experiences,” said this hot-body who lives in Houston, Texas. ‘I’m the wildest Mother in the neighborhood.”

What turns Sky on? Lots of things.

“When a chap kisses me sluggishly and lightly and feels me up from my bumpers down to my slit, twisting and licking and sucking on my teats. Giving deep-throat BJs. When I check out gals eating soaked bawdy cleft. Fellows talking filthy to me. When I massage a hot person.

“My hottest erotic encounter was when I met my stepbrother three years agone. There’s no relation; that lady-killer is my stepmom’s son and that dude was staying with my dad. I went to visit and we were one as well as the other very attracted to every other. I snuck into his room to hang out and we could feel the vibes. It’s the majority wonderful when u have an instant connection. We started giving a kiss and pulling off each other’s hot clothes. Damn, it was so wonderful. I had the hots for some other friend at the time, so the three of us got a hotel room a hardly any times and did DOUBLE PENETRATION, my much loved.”

Sky says that she wishes to write a book called How To Please A Fellow. This babe of course is an skilled on the topic.

“I love to please my charmer. I start with kissing and a massage. One time that guy is hard, I’ll give his wang a deep-throat BJ, and that always leads to vehement, unyielding fucking. Without daybed, I adore to clean and cook and do soever he desires.”

Soever he desires…wouldn’t that be the deep-throat BJ?

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