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It is glam time for a gal who always looks pretty and angelic even if she’s racing around a field for SCOREtv or mischievously dumping a bucket of water on boy-friend glamour model Jasmine Dark. Melissa Mandlikova tries out a lacy, strapless bustier and girdle, and even lights up a cigarette for several shots. A looker, Melissa could easily be a glamour model for a underware company’s catalog. But then we wouldn’t receive to relish each inch of her glamourous, bare body and that would be a sin. Melissa is actually the coyness type and doesn’t flaunt it in public or post any cell phone pics on social networking sites like countless other girls although she easily could because that babe has it all. “The wholesome look of a farm girl with the body of a devil,” a SCORE Dude one time commented. She has a new, healthy, athletic look. This is girlfriend material and she is looked it since she began modeling.

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