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Pupil Body

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At SCOREVideos.com, studying is stiff work. TMI. Too much information. That’s why uni coeds packing larger than average mangos adore Felicia Clover need a special kind of study break to settle their boiling hormones. Too much booking and not enough fucking is not healthy for a comely juvenile mastix. Some nookie is needed. Felicia’s favourable study guide will aid her relieve the stress of higher education with a hot screwing on her coed bed, and she’s wholeheartedly for it.

“I’m a nice angel but not in the bedroom. I am a bad beauty there. I’m a freak when it comes to sex!” Felicia says.

We suspect she walks around campus with the bottoms of her moist a-hole cheeks spilling out underneath her constricted shorts and a low-cut sweater.

“I do have a nice butt,” Felicia admits. “I wanna say that I was not the bustiest girl in high-school, even though everyone thinks I was. I actually wasn’t.”

Felicia checks her booty and her cleavage exposure in the mirror daily in advance of leaving the house. That babe actually is BMOC (Big Mams On Campus). More force to Felicia Clover.

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