The Digital camera Likes Kali

The Digital camera Can’t live with out Kali

The Digi camera Likes Kali

A longtime mag browser, DVD buyer and occasional web site member once wrote about hardcore: “I’m not truly into the XXX material,” this fellow penned. “I adore to see just solo glamour models masturbating. I can think of some hawt SCORE Angels who were great at getting themselves off. Lads used to view just hot cuties and wank. Now it appears to be that so many lads wanna see them having sex with other boyz, and for me, even one 10-Pounder is also much. I do not understand it.”

We get his point. That chap doesn’t urge to see man-ass and ding-dong. He doesn’t wish to watch another lady-killer banging his fantasy goddess, even though years previous to the internet and home movie scene, no one went to adult video houses to watch gals masturbating. They went to see girls and men pumping and humping.

No, this chab wishes to see hawt, big-boobed angels getting exposed and putting on a show with out the salami. With Kali West, the finest of one as well as the other worlds is obtainable.

SCORE: When boys investigate you’re a pornstar, how do they react?

KALI: It depends on the lad. Almost all of ’em are indeed interested. I said my ex-husband the first day we met ‘cuz I figured I’d be upfront and honest with him, but this chab didn’t indeed like it. This chap stayed with me, though.

SCORE: Of course that Lothario stayed with you! Who’s plan to dump a hawt, beautiful, king-size titted pornstar? Do males assume you’re simple coz u do porn?

KALI: I suppose some boys do, but it is not necessarily the truth.

SCORE: Is it the truth?

KALI: No. I’d say I’m about usual when it comes to giving it up. It depends on the chemistry betwixt me and the boy. I like a boy who can make me chortle. I adore a sense of humor. A lad who can hold a conversation and has respect and is honest. Even if it is corny, as long as you can make me giggle, that is worthy. As long as you can keep a smile on my face, I’m perfectly pleased.

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