The Curvy Doll

The Curvy Doll

The Curvaceous Doll

Daria‘s an athletic beauty who can’t live without to do things outdoors…hanging out in her swim suit, jogging, roller-blading. The only thing she does indoors is swimming. “I most like to do exercises out side in the recent air and sun,” Daria told. “I like to play volleyball with my friends if the day is admirable.

“For enjoyment, I love to get together with my allies and play table games and go to concerts. Sometimes I love to play movie games but I’m more of an outdoors angel. I like to go to the park, put down a blanket and read a book.

“I love to costume sexy now when I go with my friends to strip clubs or a display. Sometimes I receive too much attention so I will match my clothing with the places we are gonna. No one has recognized me yet. If we are going to a place with lots of single boyz, I won’t put on a top that exposes also much. I am a traditional Russian goddess in many ways. I love a lad to be the dominating one. If a ladies man is interested in me, this chap should just call me on the phone and take me out on a good date.”

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