Tigerr Benson – Tigerr’s Tale

Tigerr’s Tale

Tigerr's Tale

In this Bonus interview clip, Tigerr Benson chats a bit about her life. She grew up in London and splits her residences between Tokyo and London. It’s a bi-hemisphere life.

Tigerr has a difficult time finding clothes that fit her craziest figure. A dress may fit her bust but not her waist and vice versa. Majority of the time, Tigerr buys outfits made of stretchy fabrics. That babe can’t live with out two-piece outfits like the top and skirt she wears in “Big Milk sacks Slight Bikinis.” This way, it is easier to find the right handsome garments that fit properly and look great.

Tigerr talks about chaps, beauties and what kind of sex joy that babe loves to have with them. Fine, clean, immodest, nasty joy. This babe may look like an goddess (love Beauty Wicky) but Tigerr is one bad pussycat. More vigour to her.

Tigerr’s first screw fling at SCORELAND debuts July 18th.

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