Va Va Valory!

Va Va Valory!

Va Va Valory!

Valory rocks a day-glo bathing costume with a swanky striped top. That body was made by Mama Nature for teeny bikinis.

As we always say, a stacked goddess hasn’t indeed lived until she’s taken her hot outfit off in front of a loaded digi camera. Valory certainly took to this productive philosophy well in classes at SCORELAND University. Her beautifully-shaped, ski-sloped mambos are as distinctive as a fingerprint.

Valory’s enthusiastic and pleased in everything that babe does and this babe enjoys the well-deserved attention she’s garnered since this babe busted into the big boobed world. Valory looks at the world with like and wonder. This babe famous the difference in American and Ukrainian lifestyles.

“In Florida, people are more relaxed for sure. More smiley, more friendly, they have more fun. They dress more free and simple. Some American studs are hawt and sporty and in admirable shape.

“In Ukraine, honey bunnys costume up each time. Makeup all the time. Even if u wanna go to throw out the garbage, they always have makeup on. Here it is not like that.”

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