Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi Valentina Nappi
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Description: Valentina Nappi and her Spouse have a problem. It’s a bigger than typical problem. Everybody knows Valentina is from Italy…but not tons of people know her Partner, Juan. He hails from Spain. And it has the appearance of his time in America is just about up. His paperwork is a mess, and he’s even attempted to bribe his way without today’s a predicament…but the Immigration Agent isn’t taking Juan’s bribe; however, the Immigration Officer will take Juan’s bride. No joke! In his final action of desperation in command not to be deported, Juan offers up his gracious wife, Valentina. But the Immigration Officer is one greedy, lascivious dude! Valentina’s throat and pussy isn’t sufficient!! If Juan urges to stay, he’s intend to have to offer up Valentina’s a-hole, also! But observe Valentina! She’s such a wench! This babe doesn’t even care!! She’ll suggest it all up to the Immigration Officer, and Valentina will even let Juan join in on the pleasure! All of Valentina’s holes are open, and one as well as the other studs use them all! In the end, Valentina’s a sticky, jizzy mess…but at least Juan isn’t being deported!!
Valentina Nappi Valentina Nappi

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