Always Wager On Darksome…

Always Bet On Black…

Always Wager On Darksome...

It is a Friday night and you are out at your local dance undress club, otherwise known as the place where u go to find hos to stick your rod in. (Do not worry, we do not think you indeed go there ‘cuz u crave to dance around like a ballerina, buddy.) The night is looking gorgeous shitty cuz the chicks look like hyenas, so u saunter over to the bar to drown your sorrows in a hardly any cold ones previous to heading back to your pad all alone to whack off. You’re spilling a slight in number tears in your beer when you look over and see them. By ’em, we mean 2 stupendous, chocolate hooters. You look up and there that babe is, Carmen Hayes, in all her boobarific magnificence. Her red dress is barely covering her breasts and u know that it’s now or not at all, so u go over and introduce yourself. That babe rolls her eyes at you but you are not deterred because you know a honey bunny like this is going be to a challenge. So you engage her in a gentleman’s bet and this babe takes the bait. If this babe can get u off with just her fun bags, you’ll give her a diamond necklace. If that babe can’t, then u need to nail her constricted mocha cookie. U go back to the crib and this babe slams your pecker with her bangin’ bazookas until you spurt. U accept your defeat and when that babe tries to claim her diamond necklace prize, you tell her the truth: That creamy pearl necklace she’s wearing is plan to need to suffice. Then you smile and tell her that she should adore her fresh jewelry cuz u made it yourself and these are the gifts that count the almost all.

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Jessica’s private side

Jessica’s intimate side

Jessica's intimate side

Many of our adult models light-heartedly refer to themselves as bimbos, but not 40-year-old Jessica Torres. By her own admission, that babe is not facile. That babe is never rogered on the 1st date. And until this babe came to our studio, the quickest she ever had sex with somebody was after a month.

But yet, she came to our studio to unveil off her body and fuck a total stranger after knowing him for less than an hour. Because the thing about Jessica is that she’s greatly lewd. So sexually excited that dudes have said her she has a sex addiction. Being divorced and single, she needs an outlet, so that babe came to us.

Jessica has a private stash of home sex vids that that babe loves to check out. Now she has able episodes for her and us to savour.

40SOMETHING: Other than porn, what’s the fastest you have had sex with a skirt chaser after meeting him?
JESSICA: Probably one month. I am not that elementary. As we acquire into that longer relationship and build a stronger relationship it could be a different scenario. But I desire him to must know me 1st.

40SOMETHING: If a boy tries likewise hard to receive into your knickers…
JESSICA: That gent is gone. Especially if this stud begins talking about how greater than run of the mill his dick is. I’ve heard that on the 1st date.

40SOMETHING: And you told to him?
JESSICA: Bye. I am just not into that. I am a valuable angel.

40SOMETHING: So, what’s the fastest you have wanted to have sex with a boy but held back?
JESSICA: Probably the first date. U have those craves, but at the same time you crave to put yourself up on a pedestal so this smooth operator doesn’t think you’re elementary.

40SOMETHING: Have u ever come close to not holding back?
JESSICA: Many times, but still, no.

40SOMETHING: You are an unlikely porno star, aren’t you?
JESSICA: Yes. I at no time thought I would ever do everything adore this. Not at any time.

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A quiet country girl who loves cum

A quiet country hotty who loves cum

A quiet country beauty who likes cum

“I indeed am a quiet country beauty, but I can likewise be the gal your Mom told u to stop,” said 51-year-old British SEXY HOUSEWIFE Molly Maracas, who’s back to fuck in her second video at “I am a bit nasty and truly quite a tease, although those days, I am doing more fascinating than teasing.”

That’s obvious. Here, this babe pleases a fortunate man by mouthing and rogering his jock. Molly has blonde hair, long legs and good, firm titties. This babe indeed is like a classic 1950s dish in that way.

We asked Molly how often she has sex, and she told, “Every day if I can. Twice a day if possible.”

We asked her what sexually satisfies her, and this babe told, “Blowing men and drinking cum. I adore cum.”

Ya got to like her.

“I adore to suck rod. I adore how a meat-thermometer feels in my mouth. And I adore to milk the man’s ramrod into a glass and swallow it. Or numerous men if I have ’em!”

The line is already winding around the block.

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Queen of the Gutter Sluts

Queen of the Gutter Bitches

Queen of the Gutter Whores

Holly Halston is the undisputed queen of the gutter doxies. No other neighborhood street prostitute comes close to the wildness of this back alley slut. Holly can’t live out of to wear swimsuits and platform shoes topped off with a stripper’s boa. That babe likes to advertise her goods and one-up the other whores. How many big busted hookers will take a customer’s shlong bareback? Suck a schlong freshly popped without her own rectal hole? Brag that she enjoys the smack of her own a-hole off a John’s jock?

Holly runs her back alley territory with a filthy throat, using language that would make a dockworker in Marseilles blush with embarrassment. She chases off fella woman of the evening Soleil Hughes, a much taller beauty. No rival bimbos can step on Holly’s action. That babe meets her semi-match in a trick who’s spending the afternoon cheating on his wife, a stud who enjoys eating Holly’s well-fucked arse. Holly shoos Soleil away and heads back to the trick’s home. This smooth operator is one more cheapskate bargain-hunter looking to pay as little as possible but he’s never had to negotiate with a clever bimbo like Holly Halston. It is a sure bet her magic bawdy cleft and rectal hole will have him driving back to her turf next week. We pity the fool.

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There’s Sex in the Champagne Room

There’s Sex in the Champagne Room

There IS Sex in the Champagne Room

Ah, the strip club. Who doesn’t love the lap dancing club? Loud music, naked harlots, and worthwhile times abounding…it’s like an adult amusement park. And this adult amusement park comes whole with adult beverages, food and all sorts of attractions. Apparently, there are also pleasure rides at this club, coz for sufficient Benjamins, u can take a spin in Carmen Hayes‘ cunt. Yep, these lying bastards who told u there was no sex in the champagne room apparently not ever rolled with enough cash to purchase prime a-hole adore this. When you go to the club Carmen dances at, that babe gives u a great stage show and then that babe takes u back to the VIP room and gives you a great ho-blow. Carmen, in all her pliant magnificence, takes down penis love a champion. You know how they say that people who actually like their jobs always do a great job? Well, we think Carmen identified her true calling ‘cuz not a lot of vixens look this happy shaking their asses for dudes and getting screwed, too. Carmen is all about 2 things: Greenbacks and lying on her back. Hey, we’re not hating on her. Make that specie, baby!

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Bad Sister!

Bad Sister!

Bad Sister!

Sisters Jessica and Sunny share an apartment. Jessica is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new husband when that babe gets an emergency call to go in to work. This babe leaves, telling Sunny that she’ll be at least an sixty minutes, and asking her to entertain her husband untill this babe returns. Well, Sunny takes that a little also literally. When the Lothario arrives, Sunny invites him in to wait. They begin flirting immediately as he 1st checks out Sunny’s paintings then begins checking out Sunny. That babe tells him she is the wild sister, then proceeds to prove it by engulfing his dick and fucking him unyielding and long. What her sister doesn’t know will not hurt her.

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Cum along with Rita

Cum along with Rita

Cum along with Rita

For a change, 65-year-old super-MILF and GILF Rita Daniels is by herself.

“I’m so lewd this day,” bit-titted Rita says.

What else is fresh?

“I can not prevent thinking about fucking cock.”

What makes today unlike any other day?

“This buttplug feels so wonderful in my ass. I just can’t stop thinking about meat-thermometer.”

Did she say buttplug?

“I’m going to need 2 fingers in this screwing wet crack.”

Did that babe say fucking muff?

Rita calls herself a doxy. Her words, not ours, although we need to acquiesce.

That babe likewise says that babe needs two big, darksome cocks. That babe can be observed getting DP’d by 2 large, darksome rods right here at But a lady like Rita can not at all get enough.

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Duran, Duran!

Duran, Duran!

Duran, Duran!

Let us acquire a not many things with out the way: Tylo Duran is a hawt MILF with a impressive face and a smokin’ body. She’s the Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK of your dreams, the very definition of the term. That babe looks worthy and copulates more wondrous, as our buddy Tony found out when this chab had the honors of appreciating fleshly relations with her. This babe has DD-cup fullsome funbags and measures 36-25-34.

And this babe is Fourty four years aged! Is Fourty four the new 21 or what?

Ok, a word about that: Some 21-year-olds might look as worthwhile as Tylo, but they do not bonk as fine as her.

Furthermore, Tylo was born in Maryland and lives in Virginia. That babe used to be a personal trainer. This babe is 5’4″ and has a weight of 115 pounds. That babe has children. That babe enjoys watching soccer and football. She can’t live with out to surf, horseback ride, cook and ski. That babe loves sushi. It’s her prefered food.

We asked Tylo if the people that babe knows would be surprised to watch her here, and this babe told, “Some. Maybe. But majority people know I have done adult magazines and been a feature entertainer. They might be surprised to watch me as a porno star.”

She is perfect for it.

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Tanned Tease

Tanned Tanalize

Tanned Tease

“I don’t like likewise many tan lines and I like my bazookas to have a solid, caramel color. Plus, I like attention, and when I tan topless at the beach, I receive lots of it! It turns me on to see the boyz drooling. I know the other gals are jealous that their boyfriends are staring at my boobs and not paying any attention to ’em. Oh well, if they knew how to take care of their guys, love I do, they would not have that problem. Do not loathe, whores!”

“I love to view lads squirm. When I watch little drops of pre-cum oozing without their ramrods I know I’m doing a precious job. But even though I am a tanalize, I always deliver. After the boy is all worked up, I’ll relieve some of his stress by blowing his meat-thermometer untill it explodes.”

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