Karen DeVille – Cunt collateral

Muff collateral

Cunt collateral

JMac needs a loan to buy a abode, and Karen DeVille is his loan officer. That turns out to be very nice for JMac and Karen but very bad for the banking industry. Whatever happened to regulations? Isn’t this how the mortgage crisis happened, by sexy loan officers handing out loans to unqualified but well-hung porn studs?

Well, no, that isn’t how it happened.

Here, JMac tells Karen that this petticoat chaser has bad credit

“I can definitely assist u out,” this babe says as she strokes his arm. She’s wearing a short petticoat. Her deep cleavage is stripped. This babe doesn’t care about his credit rating. Or his income. Or his debt. All that babe cares about is his dick.

“You’re truly hands on,” this charmer says.

“Yes, I am,” that babe says as this babe works her hands down to his crotch.

This babe is likewise very mouth-on. And pussy-on. Near the end of this scene, JMac piledrives Karen’s 55-year-old wet crack, and that’s probably what seals the deal.

Karen is divorced. No surprise there. This babe is excited. Divorcees are often horny. She’s a Mamma who lives in a petite city in Delaware. That babe 1st come to our attention in 2008 when a freelance photographer submitted images of her. Then she came back to bonk.

By the way, Karen truly used to be a loan officer. The people who knew her back then would be shocked to watch her here.

“I was just a worthy, enjoyment person,” told Karen, who is still a precious, pleasure person. “I enjoyed myself. Went to pleased hours with my allies. But nothing adore this. The people who know me but do not know about this would definitely be shocked. My kids? They would freak!”

Elementary solution to that: The kids don’t have to know.

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Roxi Red – Tale of the Tape

Tale of the Tape

Tale of the Tape

It’s been reported that more than 60% of vixens wear the not right size bra. That’s where the adept undergarment fitter comes in. These days, they’re often called “Bra Fitting Specialists.” Training and certification are required but the pay isn’t so great: $7 to $9 an hour. Who cares? Consider all the mammaries u can measure. We’d do it if we had the time but we’re also busy here at SCORE. Many bra fitters consider it an art form, not just a job. Maybe some of u boys should consider a hands-on position in this growing and expanding field.

Even though Tarzan is not a undergarment fitter, we threw him into the role and gave him Roxi Red to measure. This is like thonging a fresh Cessna pilot into the commander’s chair of the space shuttle. Roxi would be daunting to a undergarment fitter with 30 years of experience. She’s one of the world’s major mammary marvels.

Awe-struck, as well that stud should be, this ladies man is bowled over by the size and weight of Roxi’s scoops even though he’s met her before. The Roxi effect never loses force. When Tarzan tries to measure her bust and areolae with the tape, a bemused Roxi helps him out. Once the measuring ends, Roxi takes priceless care of his wang. This is not part of a under garment fitter’s job at any underware or department store. However, it’s at SCORE.

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Claudia KeAloha – The teacher is stacked

The teacher is busty

The teacher is stacked

In this scene, big boobed Claudia Kealoha is supposedly a teacher. She’s sitting at her desk, and her blouse, if u wish to call it that, is covering about 12% of her chest. Peter, her pupil, seems distracted, and Claudia isn’t glad about that. This babe thinks that gent isn’t concentrating, but that babe is not right. This chab is concentrating. He’s concentrating on her immense pantoons.

“Try a little harder,” Claudia says, “harder” being the operative word.

“It’s your fault why I’m here,” Peter confesses. “Look at your shirt. I’m a juvenile stud and your bouncy bosoms are out all day. How do u wait me to concentrate?”

Claudia fixes the problem by engulfing Peter’s cock and rogering him right there on the desk.

By the way, when we were in school, we by no means had teachers who were as athletic as Claudia or wore tops adore that.

Claudia, who’s been an stripper and was born in Hawaii, is into the martial arts.

“I started learning Muay Thai in Hawaii a slight in number years back, so I hired an awesome personal teacher,” Claudia told. “We do get physical, but I know, because he is an accomplished, he will not hurt me. When we do arm locks or head locks, this petticoat chaser need to feel my soft, super mounds pressing against his arm or head, but he’s such a competent, he doesn’t even flinch. I adore that this chab is adore that so there’s no raunchy tension between us.”

Speak for yourself, Claudia. We’re guessing that when this guy goes home, this chap thinks about you and jacks one out. This chab might not even make it past his car.

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Karina O Reilley – Balcony Boning

Balcony Boning

Balcony Boning

Lives: Las Vegas, Nevada; Occupation: Casino worker; Age: Twenty four; Born: March Twenty nine; Ht: 5’8″; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: Teeny Bikinis brand; Anal: Not attempted it yet; BJs: Absolutely gulp; Diddle: Sometimes.

Karina arrived in Miami a tiny in number days before departing on a Caribbean cruise so she would have the time to bonk one of our men. When that babe saw the discharge location–high above the harbor, that babe told it would nearly feel love fucking in an aircraft to join the Mile High Exotic dancing club. “Since I 1st learned I could fuck one of The SCORE Group’s dudes, I have been promising myself the thrill of doing a lad with a large, thick schlong,” this babe told. “The experience was anything I would fantasized about it being–and then some. Man did I cum!” View the video, also.

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Carmen Hayes – Breasty Hooker Carmen

Full-bosomed Hooker Carmen

Busty Hooker Carmen

When it comes to bizarre contortionistic sex positions, enthusiasm and hyper-energetic screwing, adore rogering with her ankles behind her neck, Carmen Hayes is at the very top of the list of agile and breasty porno stars. This scene is likewise in the DVD Stacked Hookers, a go-to jack episode.

Carmen’s minding her own bad hotty bizness, just holding up her end. Wandering the streets looking for the right hooker, Jean Val Jean (that is French for “John”) is going out of his mind. If this chab doesn’t bonk in a short time, he’s gonna need a wheelchair. Then that smooth operator spots Carmen. Does he have enough bread to receive her to spread? The question’s rhetorical.

Jean eyes Carmen’s wiggle as they stroll to the sleazy motel that that babe calls her work station. Her bountiful jugs receive peculiar handling 1st one time the door is locked, as is only proper. This babe throat-fucks his weenie with a lot of drool and smutty saliva strings, giving him a ding-dong sucking fit for a king, or at least the CEO of a publicly held corporation.

Carmen identified how hyper-flexible her joints were when this babe was watching a TV reveal about people with atypical abilities. She continued to hone her talents in fitness classes and says she feels no discomfort in her behind-the-neck pretzel-poses. “If I hadn’t made it in porn, I’d most definitely have been in a sideshow in a circus,” Carmen said on SCOREtv Season 1 Clip 6.

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Karen DeVille – Another huge cock for Karen Deville

Another humongous shlong for Karen Deville

Another immense meat-thermometer for Karen Deville

Would not you like to have a boss love Karen DeVille, a boss who has a great body and large knockers and likes to fuck to keep her staff cheerful? U know, there is been plenty of talk in the United States those days about the fight for a $15 an 60 minutes minimum wage, but we have the feeling that lots of men would be ready to work for a lot less if their boss looked adore Karen and handed out fringe benefits like these.

Besides, here, Karen, who’s 55 and divorced, is fucking JMac. That means that in her brief history at 50PlusMILFs.com, Karen has had sex with Juan Largo, The Champ and JMac. That’s lots of bigger than run of the mill, thick strapon for a lady who says this babe has a very small, taut muff. Heck, we’re not doing much to keep it that way, although, as Karen has pointed out to us, her pussy stays constricted no matter how much this babe screws.

“I am not the type of femdom-goddess that u would think would be doing this,” said Karen, who lives in Delaware and is a Mother.

We’re not sure what kind of woman that’s. All types of hotty’s come to our studio. I think Karen means that she doesn’t walk around town with her milk cans and arse dangling out. She’s not known as the city floozy. But this babe lives in a tiny town.

“I adore to pretend that I’m indeed not nasty, but I’m. I’m sweet on the outdoors, but I am not.”

And here’s the substantiation.

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Kharlie Stone – New Experiences

Fresh Experiences

New Experiences

Lives: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Pupil
Age: 9teen
Born: January 26
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 107 pounds
Bras: 34A
Panties: Colorful straps!
Anal: I love anal play, but not sex
BJs: Drink if you’re tasty
Masturbate: 4x weekly

“Before taking those pix, the kinkiest thing I had ever done was some domination/submission ram with an ex at his abode,” Kharlie told us. “There was a safe word, and we experimented with tons of booty ram. It was joy, but not actually my kind of thing. Exhibitionism is definitely more for me! I’ve had sex in public before, and it was exhilarating! I actually did it twice, one time in the daytime and one time at night. I did not screw during the day, but I sucked a boy off while our friends were swimming. We went back at night, and that gent banged me next to the water.

“I’m perfectly glad just masturbating when I am single. I don’t need sex to be happy. But when I’m in a relationship, I urge to screw all of the time. I am with a boy now, and we’ve sex probably 3 times a day. And we’ve been together for, adore, six months, so it’s not just the ‘honeymoon’ phase.”

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Sandra Star – Baths Bang

Baths Bang

Bathroom Bang

Sandra Star (April 2016 SCORE covergirl) watches Steve take a baths and craves in on that also. But not the bath. She wishes meat-thermometer. They share a watery, soapy bonk right in the tub. Sex in a baths is slippery but it is joy. Especially when Sandra is the leading woman squeezing and gripping the pole with her tight slit.

Sandra is contented of the way her body and bigger in size than typical tits look. U can tell by the way this babe stands, her posture and the way that babe dresses. That babe was made for extreme swimsuits and tank dresses. It’s nearly a year since Sandra returned.

Peter writes, “Damn, I adore how her monster whoppers just stick out… She’s the preeminent large boob screw doll.” Radjared comments, “This honey is unrivaled and I hope we can have a buffet of her in the future.”

Sandra travels the world but Berlin is the center of her universe. “I adore the city ‘cuz there’s very wonderful dining, and I love great restaurants. Eating is one of my passions. And u have great arts, great culture and, certainly, I love to party! It is a worthy party city. I go out all the time.”

Dressed to kill, naturally.

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Lisa – Good News For Bush Lovers

Worthwhile News For Bush Paramours

Good News For Bush Lovers

Nice news, everybody!

Lisa is back with a bush. We final saw her in June when she bald off all of her pleasing bush. Well, Lisa decided that this babe liked having a panty full of pubes so this babe avoided trimming and shaving entirely for a scarcely any months.

“After a couple of months, my bush started looking love its aged self. I felt more assured and secure about getting exposed in front of blokes. The bush makes me feel meaty! One day, when looking in the mirror, I decided that I should show off for you boyz anew!”

What do you lads think? Would you love to see Bush Babies grow out their pubes after they shave?

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