Dana Devereaux – Cougarlicious!



This month’s adorable cougar is Dana. She was born in Germany Fifty one years ago, but now resides in fascinating Gilbert, Arizona. Certainly, this babe still receives around…in more than one way. “I had a foursome once with two bucks and one more cutie. I was a traveling sales rep at the time, and I had an on-again, off-again boyfriend in Dallas. He surprised me with his paramount friend and his girlfriend. That was a actually pleasure night. There’s something enjoyment about having a female-dominator on u and a charmer on you at the same time. It is so sexual and wicked and impure.”

Dana is a natural redhead, but she dyes her hair ‘coz she is getting a little older and urges to maintain her ravisher. We think this babe should go natural, but that’s just our opinion. She’s a nudist who enjoys the Arizona sunshine, but that babe doesn’t consider herself a swinger. This babe has sex 2 to four times a week and describes herself as sexually assertive. That’s not just with fellows, either. “My male roommate one time gave me a woman lap dancer for my birthday,” she told us. “I guess that babe liked stripping for another woman coz we ended up hooking up. All I had to do was lay back and have enjoyment what this babe was doing to me. It was ideal!”

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Sable Renae – Get your sword ready for Sable Renae

Get your sword ready for Sable Renae

Get your sword ready for Sable Renae

Sable Renae, a 44-year-old wife, Mother and hawt dancer, makes her 40SomethingMag.com launch by hopping on top of JMac’s ramrod. Engulfing it, likewise. Yes, Sable is an hot dancer. She’s been one on and off for over 20 years, and those days, she’s at the Dream Gold Lap dancing club in Long Beach, California, so if you are ever in the SoCal area, drop by for a lap dance. You’ll be glad you did.

“Pole work gives me a valuable workout,” Sable told, referring to the pole on-stage and the pole in guys’ pants.

Born in Germany, Sable was an Air Vigour brat who grew up in the southern United States. She lately moved from Oklahoma to California with her partner and a second significant other. But that’s a story for another day. Inspect the upcoming interview.

In addition to dancing, Sable has spent plenty of time working in corporate USA. A diminutive in number times, people this babe works with have stumbled upon her at the disrobe clubs. Almost all lately, this babe gave her boss a hawt dance. That is one more story that babe tells in her interview.

Sable loves being spanked. That babe is a live iron sword fighter, meaning that babe fights with real metallic swords, not the pliant fencing ram. Yep, that babe is a tough girl. But that babe has the femininity and the touch to make u feel truly good.

“For almost all of my life, the wilder side of my sex drive and wants were locked up in a box that told, ‘Break in case of marriage to a lawyer or doctor and only in intimate,'” Sable said. “Then my kids grew aged sufficient to be on their own. No doctor or lawyer, just me taking my life back and my bucket list with it.”

Doing this was on her bucket list. We’re happy we could help her out.

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Roxi Red – Her 38K’s Will Blow U Away

Her 38K’s Will Blow You Away

Her 38K's Will Blow You Away

Roxi Red’s biggest ta-tas (38K wonders of nature) had tit-men reeling love boob-drunk sailors. Roxi is one of the biggest-breasted finds of the past 20 years of SCORE.

A stupendous chest needs a big ramrod so Johnny Champ has the honors. Roxi looks astonishing in her skimpy white top and traffic-stopping denim short-shorts. This chab plays with Roxi’s colossal bazookas, then she gives him his own intimate wet T-shirt contest after this chab soaks her top with water, making it see-through. Roxi is exposed down totally nude and acquires on her knees to suck his nine-incher.

This babe has a thick bush too, a rare sight these days but one much appreciated by cunt paramours. Roxi drools, licks and kisses his shaft and nuts until it’s as luscious as her drooping jugs. This babe is an incredible dick sucker. Now it’s time to fuck! Roxi receives on her side for position #1. Can this babe take his trouser-python?

Roxi had not at any time made videos until SCORE identified her. That babe glances into the digi camera during the time that she is getting the pipe and shaking her bra-busters in a few shag poses. Is this babe looking for approval? Assurance? Whatsoever the reasons, Roxi’s glances add heat as she’s being fucked.

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Jordan Pryce – Bowling For A Boning

Bowling For A Boning

Bowling For A Boning

Jordan Pryce arranges to meet Leny at the local bowling alley. That babe desires to learn and has been said he has the moves. His mind’s in the gutter whether this chab is in a bowling alley or elsewhere. The place is deserted, which is good. They’re plan to need privacy for this training lesson. Jordan is not exactly clothed for bowling. She’s wearing a constricted, low-cut tube costume and high-heeled slippers. Bad for bowling, valuable for giving horny guys hard wood.

When Leny sees Jordan, a living screw doll, this chab is glued to her larger than standard bouncy bosoms. That man disapproves of her footwear, so he helps her put on bowling shoes. He examines her form with a ball and tests her bowling moves. Not worthwhile. She’s meant for more precious things. Jordan can knock bucks down but this babe can not knock down bowling pins. Leny knows Jordan’s intend to need tons of coaching.

Leny tells Jordan to pick another ball. She bends over, and when that happens, basic instincts kick in. Leny lifts up her costume and feels up her ass. She turns around, not to slap his face but to give him access to her large love melons, and a breast-fest starts. Mouthing her nips and fondling her big jugs, Leny pops a hardon. Jordan craves it. So much for bowling!

Leny tit-fucks Jordan and feeds her dick. This babe turns and, using the ball return track for support, displays Leny her gazoo again. That buck sticks his meat-thermometer up her bawdy cleft and piston-fucks her unfathomable. Jordan’s taut, soft wet crack clutches his joint. It is ecstasy.

It appears that today’s bowling lesson will be postponed due to sex.

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Sollana – Photography Class Final

Photography Class Last

Photography Class Final

Lives: Bismarck, North Dakota; Occupation: First-year student; Age: 22; Born: July Twenty seven; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 117 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Bright briefs; Anal: Tongueing; BJs: Drink some; Masturbate: Occasionally.

“I hope you studs indeed savour my pictures,” Sollana expressed to us via email. “I was just tagging along on my boyfriend’s photography tour. That chap is majoring in commercial photography, so he’s always driving out to some corner of the state to take pics of whatsoever this Lothario can find. There is not a lot around us. That’s why I decided to spice things up for him and kick off stripping in the field. I was not worried about getting caught. There was no thing for miles and miles in any direction. That is marvelous much North Dakota in a nutshell. I can not await until I graduate and can leave.”

“I do not think my boyfriend fully realized how far I was willing to take it when this chab first started snapping images of me. That lady-killer kept saying, ‘Hold on, sweetheart. Let me adjust the gap,’ or soever. I did not avoid; I just made him keep shooting. I do not know what he’s fiddling with on his cameras all the time. Just point and rogering shoot, right? In any case, it was not long in advance of my straps were off and I was fondelling my clit right in front of him. It was mind blowing. I ended up cumming right there in the field.”

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Cammille Austin – Wife, mom, grandmother…ass-fucked by two guys!

Wife, Mamma, grandmother…ass-fucked by two dudes!

Wife, Mother, grandmother...ass-fucked by 2 lads!

“I’m from Arkansas, and it is a very conservative area,” 57-year-old Cammille Austin told. “I guess we’re classified as the Bible Thong. It’s a dunky community, so if people at home saw me here, they would be shocked. Very shocked.”

They’d be especially shocked if they saw this wife, Mama and grandmother getting ass-fucked by two young lads.

“It was more worthy than I ever imagined,” Cammille told after she’d wiped the cum off her face.

As we have mentioned, Cammille is married and screws other boyz, but that babe and her boyfriend are not swingers’.

“The rule at our house is that he shares me, but I do not share him. He’s absolutely supportive of it. This charmer can’t live out of that I am doing this. That fellow can’t live without to view, and like I’ve said, it makes our sex so much better, likewise. I at not time go out and just pick up strangers. We’ve made numerous priceless friends and traveled to Philadelphia and met up with allies there. In fact, on our wedding night, I had sex with eight boys. That was my wedding present!”

Talk about an after party!

“It kind of looked like what I’m doing here…but with more men!

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Kali Karinena – Very hot yoga

Very sexy yoga

Very hot yoga

Have you ever heard of sexy yoga? Well, in this scene, 44-year-old newcomer Kali Karinena is gonna redefine Bikram sexy yoga. This hawt brunette with a constricted little body is wearing a top that barely covers her milk shakes. When the scene widens, she’s stretching, and Rocky is secretly watching her. This chab realizes this babe is not wearing everything under her hose.

“Oh, I am happy u lastly decided to flaunt up,” Kali says when Rocky makes his appearance known. “This is gonna be an intense session. It is going to be over a hundred degrees. There’s no rules in this class. The purpose is to just do what feels valuable.”

That babe sees his stiffy.

“Nice shorts,” she says. “They’re perfect for this sort of yoga.”

Kali turns and bows over. That guy can watch right into her vagina and backdoor.

“And widen out your legs as much as possible,” that babe says, demonstrating another move that puts her privates right up against Rocky’s face. That babe unveils him some more positions. She eyes his dick.

Then this babe brandishes him an advanced pose.

“It’s called the wheel,” this babe says.

Kali lies back, opens her legs and shoves up her pelvis. This babe begins playing with his ramrod. And that’s when yoga class turns into copulate session.

Certainly, there is still some yoga involved. Kali shows off her moves whilst engulfing strapon and screwing. She’s a wife from Southern California who knows all the right moves.

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Darcie Belle – Quality Cunt

Quality Cookie

Quality Cunt

Age: Nineteen; Born: Aug. Twenty eight; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 117 Lbs.; Bras: 34C; Panties: Rarely wear 'em; Anal: Nah; BJs: Cum on my marangos; Lives: Ogden, Utah; Occupation: Sushi restaurant server.

Darcie isn't the usual girl we receive here at Newcummers. First of all, she's from Utah, a place that isn't exactly amiable to the kinds of sexually liberated cuties who will accept an invitation to Miami to bonk on-camera. Then again, sometimes the greatest quality cookies come from the almost any odd places. "I adore living in Utah coz it's alluring, but I sort of need to hide who I’m to everyone I know," Darcie told us. "People look down on premarital sex, even if people have been go out with for years. It's bonkers. I can't live like that."

Apparently not. This babe called us up and wanted to screw on-camera. Obviously we took her up on the offer. She was randy to take on a bigger in size than standard pecker, but this babe was worried about people from her hometown finding out. We won't tell anyone. Will u?

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Kianna Dior – Cummed On Knockers In Tight Tops

Cummed On Scoops In Taut Tops

Cummed On Pantoons In Taut Tops

Kianna considers herself a porn star 1st and a full-bosomed star second. “Because not only do I’ve bigger in size than standard milk sacks, but I am half Chinese, so I don’t feel like I’m just about bra-busters,” said Kianna. “I feel adore there’s a lot more to me than that, and, let’s face it, there aren’t plenty of Chinese pornstars.”

Kianna’s other “half” is Irish and Scottish on her father’s side. The blend is attractive.

One of the porn world’s hottest, tireless and nastiest pornstars, Kianna Dior made a return voyage to SCORE and this engulf and fuck scene is part of the DVD Big busted & Suckin’. The DVD does not have the opening interview and tight tops flaunt Kianna does with SCORELAND editor Elliot James previous to Commando gives her his penis and rams away. That opener has been kept intact here.

Kianna, A Canadian by birth, got into porn throughout pornstar Shay Sights.

“I met Shay while I was dancing in Alberta. We met at a disrobe club. Imagine that! I was stripping for about four years in Vancouver and Alberta. I by no means went to Toronto to dance, which is humorous cuz I always thought Toronto was also carnal. Can you believe that? I had some girlfriends who went to Toronto, and they detected condoms on the ground!

“I was not gonna fuck boyz in clubs to make money, so now I do it in films! I at not time even considered porn. The solely reason I started intend to visit her was cuz I wanted to do magazines so I could get paid more for lap dancing. But I did not end up doing many magazines. I did some solo work, but I went into doing cuties right away. And I did not even adore girls at first, or so I thought, but suddenly I was adore, ‘Oh, wow, I like angels!'”

And then strapon. Her skills are inimitable.

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